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Simcyp to host one-day workshop at Population Approach Group in Europe (PAGE) meeting

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Date: 02 Mar 2012

Simcyp is pleased to support the 21st meeting of the Population Approach Group in Europe (PAGE), by hosting a satellite event prior to the main conference.

The one-day hands-on workshop on Tuesday 5th June will showcase the features of the Simcyp Simulator for propagating mechanistic PK variability to PD and study design as well as combining top-down and bottom-up paradigms. The course focuses on the contrasts between ‘classical POP-PK analysis of clinical data’ and ‘bottom-up PBPK/PD approaches combined with population data analysis’. This bridging helps with covariate recognition, model building and rational design of studies.

The examples include fitting minimal and full PBPK-derived concentration-time profiles, mechanistic absorption models with transit compartments, drug-drug interaction and various direct and indirect response models. Attendees will learn about individual parameter fitting and the application of classical approaches such as Nelder-Mead and Hooke-Jeeves in minimising weighted least square (WLS) objective functions. More modern hybrid methods, such as genetic algorithms, will be discussed and demonstrated. For population fitting, maximum likelihood (ML) algorithm using the Monte Carlo expectation maximisation (MCEM) approach will be used to estimate parameters in populations and in individuals.

Only a rudimentary knowledge of PBPK is assumed and the concepts and practical applications of integrating available in vitro data and physiological knowledge with clinical observations for estimating unknown/uncertain drug or physiological parameters will be reviewed.

There is no registration fee for this event. For booking details please click here.

For further information about the main conference please see the PAGE website.

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